Reflexology, Massage & Beauty Treatments, Rayleigh, Essex.

Reflexology, Massage & Beauty Treatments in Salon or your own home.

Bunty is an ITEC qualified, Reflexologist, Physical Therapist & Beauty Therapist, insured with BABTAC

Bunty is now working at Bowutifull Pollished Nails Salon, Rayleigh Lanes, Rayleigh, some home appointments are still available.

Reflexology By Bunty

75 Minutes of the best Reflexology you will ever experience! £25

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To book For Salon or Home appointment 07816781390 telephone hours 9am - 8pm or

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More About Reflexology

Reflexology, What Is It? And What Are The Benefits?

The feet are a goldmine of opportunity to release tension and toxins and enhance health.

Oxygen, blood and lymph have to flow uphill against gravity. Waste particles will tend to settle like sand promoting sluggish oxygenation and pore removal of waste. So blocking the flow from important functions we become beset with ailments.

Reflexology works on the principal that the body is “whole,” so when an area of our anatomy is hurting/malfunctioning we must consider what effect it is having on the whole body.

More About Reflexology